Forced Bed Wetting

Last Updated: September 18, 2016

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Definition - What does Forced Bed Wetting mean?

Forced bed wetting is an activity engaged in by dominant and submissive partners during a fetish scene- specifically the dominant partner forces the submissive partner to wet their bed. This might be accomplished by restraining the submissive partner or simply through the dominant ordering the submissive to do so.

Forced bed wetting can be used in erotic humiliation scenes where the purpose is for the dominant partner to degrade and humiliate the submissive or it might be used in adult baby play where one partner takes on the role of baby.

Kinkly explains Forced Bed Wetting

As in any scene involving one partner being forced to do something by another, forced bed wetting scenes are agreed upon in advance with the terms negotiated by both (or all) partners. Essentially, it is a role play in which they pretend that one partner is forcing the other to do something that has already been agreed upon. Safe words are employed so partners can communicate that they wish to stop if they no longer feel safe or if they no longer wish to continue. Safe words are of particular importance in forced activity scenes when use of words like "no" or "stop" may be part of the role play.

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