Last Updated: February 25, 2019

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Definition - What does Primal mean?

A primal is someone who enjoys primal play. Primal play is a style of BDSM that focuses on raw feelings and actions that are evoked by natural impulses and urges. Social norms and niceties are discarded for a very unfiltered self. The civilized shell gives way to emotions and sexual desire that ranges from happiness, joy, playfulness, silliness, sadness, and grief. It is arguable that one cannot be fully primal out of prioritizing safety and comfort. However, primal play allows the submissive who loves to be fully dominated to experience their fantasy. This practice involves using the kink tools we were born with: nails, hair, teeth, and skin. Primal play is based around the concept of retreating back to the primitive animal persona, where labels and protocols don't apply. Wrestling, pulling hair back, biting, and growling are some of the many things that fit into this style of BDSM.

Kinkly explains Primal

Primal play is a form of BDSM practice that displays raw, emotional, sexual feelings. Being primal includes fighting and animalistic tendencies. Subsequently, it is important that the dominant and submissive are communicative with one another to ensure comfort with the situation. The primal state is purely instinctual. Reason and learned behavior are tossed out when practicing primal play with a partner. As long as there is a high level of trust between the two partners, primal play can be a very intimate and explosive BDSM and sex practice.

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