Code Word

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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Definition - What does Code Word mean?

A code word is a word used to refer to something which may be unacceptable to a wider audience. It is an innocuous word designed to be inoffensive to anyone who may inadvertently come across it.

Sexual topics are often discussed using code words. A code word or code words may be printed in personal advertisements and advertisements for the adult sex industry. People may also use code words in their conversations about sexual matters.

Kinkly explains Code Word

Code words are designed to be understood only by their intended audience. For example, prostitutes and their existing and potential clients may use code words which are not understood by people outside the sex industry. Code words recognized by pedophiles, members of child pornography syndicates, and subscribers to child pornography websites also hide their illegal activities from law enforcement agencies. These code words are constantly evolving to help people committing sex crimes avoid detection.

Code words often have different meanings to laypeople and the people who use them. For example, a person with a personal ad saying they’re looking for fun times is likely to seek casual hook-ups rather than relationships. An unsuspecting person who doesn’t understand these code words may believe the poster simply wants to have fun with another person, perhaps through bowling or visiting theme parks.

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