Nose Torture

Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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Definition - What does Nose Torture mean?

Nose torture is a traditional Japanese form of BDSM. There are various forms of nose torture. The most common involves the application of a hook, known as a nosehook, which is inserted through the nose and pulled backwards. The harder the nosehook is pulled, the more painful the nose torture.

A victim of nose torture typically experiences physical pain and humiliation. When nosehooks are used in nose torture, the submissive partner is known as a nosehook slave.

Kinkly explains Nose Torture

Most masters use nosehooks to perform nose torture, but there are a range of other techniques. These include nose caning, where a small, flexible stick is placed underneath the nose and flicked up, and hot waxing, where hot wax is dripped on top of and inside the nose. Metal clamps, needles, cigarettes, and clothes pegs may also be used during nose torture.

Most slaves participating in nose torture are female although sometimes males will take this submissive role.

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