Last Updated: November 23, 2020

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Definition - What does Xenophilia mean?

Xenophilia refers to a person's intense attraction or affection toward strangers or foreigners. It comes from the Greek word Xenos, which means “unknown” or “stranger.” A few social scientists say that xenophilia is rooted in cultural cringe. This is the feeling that another's culture is more superior to one's own.

Kinkly explains Xenophilia

Xenophilia becomes apparent in one's choice of romantic or sexual partners. A distaste for people of the same culture is common among those with xenophilia. By itself, there is nothing wrong with this. A person's romantic preferences are personal choices that society shouldn't impose upon. However, one's xenophilia should not be cause to discriminate against people from non-preferred cultures. There should be a clear distinction between the feeling of attraction for a particular race and discriminating against others.

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