Vagina Extender

Last Updated: May 11, 2020

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Definition - What does Vagina Extender mean?

The vagina extender refers to the act that some women do during penetration. To make their vagina seem tighter, they form an “o” with their fingers at the opening. This “o” gives a tighter grip on the penis, apart from extending the vagina. This is often done by women who are not satisfied with the tightness of their vaginas.

Kinkly explains Vagina Extender

The vagina extender is all about pleasing a partner. It is done in favor of men who prefer vaginas that are tight. For women who are older or have gone through childbirth, this may not be possible. Thus, to please the men in their lives, they extend and tighten vaginas “digitally.” Hopefully, their act is repaid with gratitude and the big “O.”

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