Vagina Dentata

Definition - What does Vagina Dentata mean?

A vagina dentata refers to a folk tale that involves women with vaginas that have teeth. These toothed vaginas castrate their unknowing male victims. These tales about the vagina dentata are said to be cautionary stories created for men.These stories are supposed to make them wary of sleeping with multiple women, especially strangers. They also discourage men from raping women.

Kinkly explains Vagina Dentata

In an ideal world, tales of the vagina dentata should not be necessary in discouraging rape and promiscuity. Rape is violence against women, and is a reprehensible act. Promiscuity, on the other hand, exposes a man to risks, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Given the realness of violence against women and STDs, folk tales about castrating vaginas are things of the past.

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