Three-Hole Par

Last Updated: January 9, 2018

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Definition - What does Three-Hole Par mean?

Three-hole par is a slang term for a heterosexual sex session involving oral, vaginal, and anal sex. The term refers to the three holes that a man inserts his penis in during the sex session: the mouth, the vagina, and the anus.

After a man has had oral, vaginal, and anal sex with a woman, he is said to have “completed a three-hole par.”

Kinkly explains Three-Hole Par

During a three-hole par, a woman usually starts performing fellatio on her male partner before they move on to vaginal sex. Anal sex usually completed the three-hole par. However, a three-hole par can be performed in any order, so long as all three sex acts are part of it.

Care should be taken to practice safe sex during a three-hole par. Moving from anal sex to vaginal or oral sex carries a risk of spreading bacterial infections as well as sexually transmitted infections; so make sure to change condoms if you do this.

Many people aspire to complete a three-hole par, as it is a sign of sexual prowess. A woman that completes a three-hole par is said to be three-hole qualified. She may also be called a three par girl. There is no equivalent term describing men who complete a three-hole par.

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