Total Denial

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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Definition - What does Total Denial mean?

Total sexual denial usually involves the use of a barrier such as a chastity belt or cock cage to avoid contact with the genitals and, for those with a penis, prevent erection. While the partner who is being denied may become aroused, the idea is that they are not being touched or stimulated.

Total denial can be used as a practice for orgasm control or as a method of play where all stimulation is focused on one partner.

Kinkly explains Total Denial

Orgasm denial practices like total denial are commonly employed, in association with BDSM and bondage, by a dominant partner on their submissive partner.

For dominant partners, the practice can create erotic feelings of control and power. Submissive partners can experience enjoyable feelings of surrender, sexual objectification and loss of control.

As an erotic feminization practice, a top (dominant partner) may maintain their bottom's (submissive partner's) heightened state of sexual arousal to satisfy his desires for erotic humiliation, or as a way to satisfy the dominant's own desires to erotically humiliate.

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