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Sneezing Fetish

Updated: JANUARY 20, 2016

A sneezing fetish is a condition in which individuals become aroused by sneezing. People with a sneezing fetish may be aroused when they see or hear another person sneeze, when they sneeze themselves, or both.

It’s thought that people with a sneezing fetish find sneezes so erotic because they represent a complete loss of control, which is something people rarely experience in public.

More About Sneezing Fetish

People with a sneezing fetish often enjoy different parts of the sneeze, whether it’s the build-up to a sneeze, the sneeze itself, or the release of tension felt after a sneeze. The sound of a sneeze, the sight of a person sneezing, the facial expressions that accompany this act, and even the sniffles that come between sneezes may cause a person with a sneeze fetish to feel turned on. Many people with a sneezing fetish also enjoy experiencing or witnessing others experience multiple sneezes.

It’s not uncommon for sneezing fetishists to prefer a specific type of sneezing person. Individuals with sneeze fetishes might be sexually attracted to people with allergies or people with colds, for example. They may also prefer loud sneezes, quiet sneezes, sudden sneezes, or drawn-out sneezes.

Most experts admit they aren’t sure what causes a person to develop a sneezing fetish. However, Howard Ruppel of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality suggests that the build-up and release of a sneeze may be erotic to some because it mimics the pattern of sexual arousal and climax.

A sneezing fetish is fairly harmless. It’s unlikely that an individual with this condition would seek treatment. Instead, people with sneezing fetishes are likely to embrace the condition, and perhaps seek out sexual partners that suffer from hay fever or allergies.


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