Orgasm Control

Last Updated: April 20, 2020

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Definition - What does Orgasm Control mean?

Orgasm control is the sexual practice of holding oneself in a state of arousal for an extended period without achieving climax. Due to this elongated final stage of arousal, the sensations of the eventual orgasm may be amplified.

Orgasm control, which is also called "peaking" or "edging" can be practiced on one's own or in partnered activity. Some people practice on their own so as to delay their orgasm with their partner. When partners play with orgasm control together they can experience the feeling of power that comes from controlling their partner's orgasm.

Kinkly explains Orgasm Control

In partnered play one partner can provide stimulation and bring their partner right up to the moments before orgasm and then back off so that they are still stimulating their partner but not enough to bring about an orgasm.

The edging technique of orgasm control involves one masturbating up until the instant before climax and then stopping. In the surfing technique, upon reaching the phase just prior to climax, stimulation is slowed down so the heightened level of sensation can be sustained.Either of these techniques, repeated can result in an amplified orgasm.

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