Saline Balls

Last Updated: June 6, 2017

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Definition - What does Saline Balls mean?

Saline balls is the common term for the body modification procedure called scrotal inflation. In a saline balls procedure, a saline solution is injected into the scrotum via an IV/cannula drip. The solution temporarily inflates the scrotum or “balls.”

A saline balls procedure takes roughly an hour. Its effects last approximately two days. The body will gradually absorb the saline, returning the scrotum to its usual size.

Kinkly explains Saline Balls

The amount of saline solution injected during a saline balls procedure varies, but quantities between 500 milliliters and 1 liter are common. The more saline solution is injected, the greater the effect. Typically, the scrotum swells to the size of two grapefruits.

Getting a saline balls procedure can be a real turn-on for someone interested in medical play. Dominants may administer a saline balls procedure to their submissives to show they can control them so much that they can physically alter parts of their bodies. Other people simply enjoy body modification. Some people may have a fetish for saline balls. This often goes hand in hand with a ball stretching fetish.

Despite the common name of the procedure, it’s important to note that saline is injected into the scrotum, rather than the balls. Scrotum are elastic and can stretch to a much greater size, unlike balls. The scrotum may be a little looser, but there shouldn’t be any real long-term damage.

Saline balls is regarded as a safe procedure, but only when done under sterile conditions with hospital-grade equipment. A lack of sterility can cause cellulitis and infections. Air in the IV tubing can also cause a potential fatal air embolism. A saline balls procedure is not recommended for novices or solo play.

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