Urethral Sponge

Last Updated: July 6, 2017

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Definition - What does Urethral Sponge mean?

The urethral sponge is a spongy tissue that is located against the vaginal wall and pubic bone, and around the urethra, or urinary tract. It is comprised of erectile tissue. This tissue fills with blood and becomes engorged and sensitive when stimulated, just like the erectile tissue of the penis.

Kinkly explains Urethral Sponge

The easiest way to stimulate the urethral sponge is through the G-Spot, a region on the roof of the vagina. The Skene’s glands are located within the urethral sponge, and can help cause female ejaculation in some women. Though the urethral sponge and G-Spot are present in all female bodies, some women enjoy urethral sponge stimulation, while others don’t. It’s all a matter of personal preference. There are many sex toys on the market that are designed to stimulate the urethral sponge. These toys are shaped to enter the vagina, and apply direct pressure (and sometimes vibration) to the G-Spot.

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