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Pitch a Tent

Definition - What does Pitch a Tent mean?

Pitch a tent is a slang phrase meaning “have an erection strong enough to lift some type of fabric.” The phrase is typically used to describe a man having an erection while wearing trousers or shorts, or while lying down underneath sheets or a blanket.

The term pitch a tent originated because an erect penis standing straight up underneath some kind of fabric can appear something like a tent pole holding up a tent. Have a tent pole or get a tent pole is a variation of the term pitch a tent.

Kinkly explains Pitch a Tent

You could say that a man pitches a tent in the morning, if he tends to have morning wood. Someone might comment that a male friend was pitching a tent when he saw someone he was attracted to. Recounting this story, they might say that their friend pitched a tent.

The phrase “pitch a tent” is most commonly used among groups of male friends. They may also use this phrase during flirty or bawdy banter with females, either to entice them or to tease them. Some men enjoy the double meaning of this phrase which could also refer to a camping activity.

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