Last Updated: October 14, 2019

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Definition - What does Mummification mean?

Mummification is an advanced form of bondage in which a person is partially or fully cocooned in materials such as plastic wrap, a body bag, plaster, bondage tape, duct tape, bandages, pallet wrap, vet wrap or other medical wraps. This process leaves the body completely restricted and immobilized.

Kinkly explains Mummification

A person can be mummified for short or long periods of time. The practice can be used to provide complete sensory deprivation over the entire body, or some skin can be left unwrapped for added sensory play. There are many safety considerations to take before engaging in mummification. Always ask someone if they are claustrophobic or have any allergies to certain materials or adhesives being used before starting the mummification. The person being mummified needs to be positioned in a way that will support their body, as they usually won’t be able to keep balanced while wrapped. Circulation needs to be supervised, and it may be necessary to massage the skin through the wrap to maintain circulation. Keep safety shears nearby to quickly and easily remove wrappings. It is important to have a blanket and water ready once the wrappings are removed. The person who has been mummified will have sweat a lot during the mummification process which will leave them cold and potentially dehydrated when they are unwrapped.

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