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Pink Taco

Definition - What does Pink Taco mean?

Pink taco is the slang phrase for a vagina's labia minora. The term came about because of how the vagina looks. With legs closed, the labia minora looks like an unfilled taco. With legs open, it looks like an amazing meal to those who dare to venture. Regardless of gender, eating a pink taco can be an amazing experience.

Kinkly explains Pink Taco

Of course, eating a pink taco sounds easier than how it actually is. It is not just about eating the taco. One also must think about the woman attached to it. It is different each time; and one really needs to listen to how a sexual partner reacts. There are articles upon articles written about eating out a pink taco. Nothing beats listening and being “present.” Because pink taco is considered a slang term, it is not generally used in a romantic context.

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