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Penis Humiliation

Updated: NOVEMBER 23, 2020

Penis humiliation or small penis humiliation (SPH) is a fetish where penis owners get turned on when their partners belittle the size of their penis. This is regardless of the person's actual penis size. They can have an adequately sized penis and still crave penis humiliation. In fact, a good number of kinksters who love SPH have average to large-sized penises.

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While much less common, big penis humiliation is also a fetish for some penis owners.


More About Penis Humiliation

There are several theories about the roots of the small penis humiliation. Some say that it is a social phenomenon that results from interactions where size comparison is made possible. This includes stereotypical "male" friendships and locker room interactions. Others say that it is a body dysmorphic disorder stemming from unrealistic expectations. Others think one of the culprits may be excessive porn watching.

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