Updated: JULY 11, 2017

Pareunia is a medical term for sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. Pareunia is a suffix used in combination with prefixes to create longer medical terms related to sex and sexuality.Coitus is another medical term for pareunia. Unlike pareunia, coitus is a term that can stand on its own.


More About Pareunia

The term pareunia is refers to pain-free and typically pleasurable sexual intercourse. When intercourse comes with pain, with medical or psychological causes, pareunia is added to the negative prefix dys- to become dyspareunia.

There is another rare term cypripareunia, meaning sex with a prostitute. This term combines the suffix pareunia with the word cyprian, meaning a wanton individual.

Apareunia describes an absence or lack of sexual intercourse, just as asexual is a descriptor for a person that lacks a sexual drive. People with apareunia are unable to have sex due to physical or psychological ailments.

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