Last Updated: March 26, 2020

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Definition - What does Painal mean?

Painal is a sex slang term for painful anal sex.

Kinkly explains Painal

Painal is commonly seen as a porn sub-genre featuring rough, painful anal sex. The recipient usually cries, screams, and tries to back away while the penetrating partner(s) coerce and force them to continue on.

It should be noted this is a fantasy porn scenario much like extreme face fucking videos, or “forced” sex acts filmed by adult actors for porn clips. In practice, anal sex should never hurt. If it does, it should be stopped immediately to prevent injury. In addition, all parties involved in any kind of sex need to fully consent to each act. Role play scenarios and porn scenes based on consensual non-consent may look abusive to the casual onlooker but are actually carefully negotiated and planned out beforehand.

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