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Just the Tip

Definition - What does Just the Tip mean?

“Just the tip” is a line that males say to females who are not yet ready to have sex with them. It is their idea of a compromise, wherein boys are allowed to insert the tip of their penis into the girl's vagina or anus. It is not always an acceptable compromise for women as it still exposes them to possible abuse.

Kinkly explains Just the Tip

While “just the tip” may be an acceptable excuse for some, it generally takes a woman's sexual willingness for granted. No means no. In some ways, the “just the tip” line does not respect a the word “no.” It asks the partner to compromise their willingness and readiness. Males who have partners who are not yet willing to have sex should respect their decision. There are other erotic acts that can fulfil a man's desire, such as masturbation.

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