Donut Puncher

Last Updated: November 4, 2016

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Definition - What does Donut Puncher mean?

Donut puncher is a slang term for penis. The term refers to the way the penis appears to punch through an intimate partner’s anus or vagina during intercourse. The anus or vagina is likened to a donut, a sweet-tasting cake with a distinctive hole in the center.

Donut puncher can also be spelled doughnut puncher, reflecting the alternative spelling of donut used outside the United States.

Kinkly explains Donut Puncher

In its original context, the term donut puncher was used to describe any penis, whether it engaged in heterosexual or homosexual sex. However, more recently the term has come to describe a penis involved in homosexual sex. This is because donuts are often iced with chocolate, a reference to the feces that may be around the rim of the anus.

By extension, donut puncher has recently become a slang term for a gay man. This term is typically used in a derogatory fashion, although some gay men have reclaimed it and given the term more positive connotations.

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