Dick Sucking

Last Updated: September 12, 2016

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Definition - What does Dick Sucking mean?

Dick sucking refers to the act of giving a man a blow job or oral sex. It can be done as foreplay. It can also be a way towards a happy ending or orgasm, as it is. Dick sucking is a favorite among men. However, not all those who try their hand (and mouth and tongue) at giving head are good at it. It takes practice and a focused attention.

Kinkly explains Dick Sucking

There are several reasons why dick sucking may not feel good to the recipient. The blower may not be using enough spit. They could be using too many teeth. The hands and eyes also play important roles in engaging the blow job's recipient. Likewise, other male body parts, such as his testicles and prostate, can use some attention while in the heat of dick sucking.

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