Chubby Chaser

Last Updated: April 6, 2020

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Definition - What does Chubby Chaser mean?

A chubby chaser is a person sexually attracted to full-figured individuals. Most commonly, the term is applied to heterosexual men attracted to larger women. However, the term can apply to someone of any sexuality or gender.

As chubby chasers often have a fetish, they may also be called fat fetishists. Fat admirer is another term for chubby chaser.

Kinkly explains Chubby Chaser

Chubby chasers typically date larger partners. They love the look and feel of soft, curvy bodies. Men attracted to large women may also love their breasts and hips, which are often larger and fuller than the breasts and hips of smaller women.

As chubby chasers are attracted to full-figured people, they may take steps to ensure their partner stays at their current weight or even puts on more weight. They may become feeders, the term for a type of fat fetishist who deliberately feeds romantic partners food to make them gain weight. They may also discourage their partners from exercising or eating healthily.

Some overweight people reject chubby chasers because they feel objectified by them. They want to be appreciated for their other assets, like their personalities and talents, rather than their bodies. However, others celebrate chubby chasers because they do not comfort to society’s norms.

Several websites help chubby chasers meet bigger men and women. These sites can be valuable resources for chubby chasers looking for relationships or sexual connections.

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