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Updated: DECEMBER 7, 2020

Anorgasmic refers to having Coughlan's syndrome or anorgasmia, a sexual dysfunction that prevents a person from reaching orgasm. Regardless of the amount of mental or physical stimulation, an anorgasmic person cannot reach a sexual climax. It can happen to both sexes but is more common among women. In men, it is connected to experiencing delayed ejaculation.

More About Anorgasmic

The state of being anorgasmic can cause mental and physical frustration. While it is often classified as a psychiatric condition, there are other medical and situational causes of anorgasmia. Medical conditions, such as genital mutilation, multiple sclerosis, and pelvic trauma can hinder the achievement of orgasm. Likewise, the regular use of anti-depressants and opiates can put a person in an anorgasmic state.


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