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Updated: JULY 25, 2017

Anophelorastia is a sexual condition wherein a person becomes aroused when fantasizing about defiling or ravaging the body of their partner. It is derived from the Greek word anopheles, meaning hurtful or harmful.

Anophelorastia is classed by academics as an “attack paraphilia,” alongside such conditions as sadism and necrophilia.

More About Anophelorastia

People with anophelorastia become turned on by a variety of acts that look to sully or damage the bodies of their sexual partners. These acts may be very violent, such as cutting them, or taboo, such as defecating or urinating on them. A person with anophelorastia may be content with imagining their fantasies or may seek to act them out. This may suit a partner who is interested in edgeplay.

However, along with other attack paraphilias such as necrophilia and amokoscisia, anophelorastia has been associated with serial killers. This is not to say that everyone with anophelorastia will become violent, but it does highlight the importance of managing this sexual condition. Anyone with anophelorastia who feels the condition is interfering with their professional or personal life should seek professional help. Common therapy techniques like hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy may assist people with anophelorastia manage their condition.


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