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Definition - What does Androidism mean?

Androidism is a fetish wherein individuals become sexually aroused by robots designed to look like humans, known as androids. People with androidism may purchase their own androids, or simply look at pictures of them or fantasize about them.

Androidism is closely related to Agalmatophilia, which involves attraction to mannequins, and Pygmalionism, which involves attraction to a statue of one’s own creation.

Kinkly explains Androidism

People with androidism may choose to live with a humanoid robot and carry on some type of relationship with it, rather than pursue relationships with other humans. Alternatively, they may just fantasize about androids, or view erotic images of androids online.

As technology improves, androids are becoming more like humans, both in appearance and functionality. Some can even have sex, a feature we’re likely to see in future androids, to appeal to people with androidism.

It’s theorized that people with androidism are attracted to the control this sexual arrangement offers them. After all, humanoid robots can be turned on or off at the whim of their owners, unlike real people. Another theory is that people with androidism are attracted to the coldness of robots, both physically and emotionally.

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