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Updated: NOVEMBER 25, 2021

Grinding is the act of two individuals rubbing hips together in a rhythmic motion. It is similar to dry humping but is often less sexual. It is frequently done on dance floors or other public or semi-public places. Typically, the term refers to contact with erotic intention while both participants are fully clothed.

Grinding can also refer to masturbation performed in a similar way. In this case the participant is clothed and grinding against an object like a pillow, sex shape, or couch. As the popularity of grinding rises, multiple manufacturers have crafted grinding-focused toys like the Orion VibePad 2, Liberator On a Mission, Rocks-Off Ruby Glow, and the Wild Flower Enby 2.

Although direct, unobstructed contact of the genitals never occurs, it is entirely possible to orgasm through grinding, and some people may prefer it due to the diffused sensations.


More About Grinding

Grinding can be done where the individuals are facing one another or in a spooning position where one partner's front is pressed against the back of the other. It can be done during foreplay or by those who abstain from sexual intercourse but are not opposed to heavy petting activities.

While grinding is often considered an act for horny teenagers, any act that derives sexual pleasure can be used by people of all ages. Grinding is a good way to stimulate the clitoris and the penis, so many people find it pleasurable far beyond their teen years.

Grinding can also be a great activity for those who are avoiding penetration or want safer alternatives to intercourse that still lead to intimate, pleasurable contact. However, grinding may still have a risk of STIs or pregnancy - especially if the participants have stripped down to thin layers of underwear.

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