Butterfly Kiss

Last Updated: November 19, 2015

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Definition - What does Butterfly Kiss mean?

A butterfly kiss is an endearing and intimate kiss where a partner flutters his or her eyelashes against a partner's skin. Although this kiss does not involve the use of lips, it is a very tender expression of affection and love. It also creates a nice, ticklish sensation. The butterfly kiss is a great way to mix things up while kissing. You can begin a butterfly kiss after a short kiss or when you're cuddling.

Kinkly explains Butterfly Kiss

To give a butterfly kiss, move your face close to your partner's face. You can either be at eye-level with your partner and butterfly kiss by fluttering your eyelashes at fluctuating speeds at the same time. Alternatively, many people choose to give their partner's butterfly kisses on the cheek. Flutter your eyelashes rapidly so that your partner feels as if they are being kissed by the gentle wings of a butterfly. Although the butterfly kiss is not overtly sexual, it is highly intimate.

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