Little Play

Last Updated: June 15, 2020

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Definition - What does Little Play mean?

Little play is often a role playing relationship between two adults. In this scenario, one person is the "adult" and the other individual is a "little" girl or "little" boy. Little play is most often associated with the BDSM scene, but it can also extend into daily life. The "Mommy" or "Daddy" will coddle and tenderly care for the "little" they are responsible for. Most commonly, this manifests as the "Daddy and Little Girl" (DD/lg) relationship where a male partner takes on the dominant role and the female partner takes on the position of the submissive, younger partner who is dependent on the dominant.

Kinkly explains Little Play

Little play is quite popular with those who want to be freed from their daily responsibilities. Those who participate in the community express that it can be a way to not have to assume "adult" responsibilities or to separate from the stressors of their adult life. Usually, the "little" tends to be someone who had to grow up earlier or who finds mundaneness in the adult responsibilities. This type of role play often allows the little to feel cared for and liberated while also allowing the dominant to assert their dominance and position of authority.

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