Gimp Mask

Last Updated: September 12, 2017

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Definition - What does Gimp Mask mean?

A gimp mask is a hood-like apparel worn on the head of a submissive person within the BDSM community. Gimp masks are usually worn during bondage, especially head bondage. They can restrain and sexually objectify the wearer. Men are more likely to wear gimp masks than women. Gimp masks can be worn alone or with a full gimp suit.

A gimp mask is also called a bondage hood or bondage mask.

Kinkly explains Gimp Mask

People who wear gimp masks can become disorientated. They are also deprived of the full use of their ordinary senses. Many dominants enjoy making their submissives wear gimp masks because they make it easy to depersonalize interactions. When a submissive is wearing a gimp mask, their face is totally covered, so they could be anyone at all. This reduces the wearer to merely a sex toy or plaything, rather than a partner. Some dominants find it easier to dominate their partners when they cannot see their faces. Some submissives also feel less inhibited with their faces covered with gimp masks.

Gimp masks can be made from a variety of tight-fitting materials including rubber, leather, latex, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), spandex, and darlexx. They often feature zips at the mouth and eyes, which can be closed to restrict sight and speech.

As gimp masks cover the mouth and have only small nostril holes, breathing can be impaired. Couples using gimp masks should implement a safe signal that the submissive can use if they struggle to breathe. Dominants should also monitor their submissives and their comfort levels seriously.

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