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Morning After Pill

Definition - What does Morning After Pill mean?

The morning after pill is a form of emergency contraception. "Morning after pill" is actually an umbrella term that encompasses multiple brands of emergency contraceptive pills including Plan B One Step, Next Step, My Choice, and Ella. These pills are designed to disrupt or delay ovulation or fertilization, preventing pregnancy from occurring. They will not end an existing pregnancy.

Kinkly explains Morning After Pill

"The morning after pill" is a colloquial name given to the pill form of emergency contraception based on the window of time in which one must take it to successfully prevent pregnancy and the tendency to take it the morning after sex. In actually emergency contraception pills can be taken between 72 hours and 5 days after intercourse (depending on the brand) and remain effective.

Plan B One Dose is available over the counter in the US.

It is important to note that the standard dose of many forms of the morning after pill has been proven less effective in women over 165 lbs.

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