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Updated: OCTOBER 19, 2020

Pangender is a gender experience that identifies with all genders, known and unknown. It may also be referred to as omnigender. A pangender person can feel romantic and sexual attraction with all genders, be it within the gender binary, outside the binary and even with genders that have yet to be identified. This fluidity can be experienced simultaneously or over time.


More About Pangender

Pangender derives from the Greek meaning of the prefix “pan,” which means “everything.” And, this is where critics say the pangender identity runs into problems. A person's gender identity is limited by their experience. So, “everything” isn't possible. A person needs to experience every culture in order to identify with specific genders within each. People who say they are pangender are more likely identifying with known genders within their culture, and being open about the many aspects of these genders.


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