Sometimes ya gotta laugh...or grimace...or frown. Sex can definitely be cringe worthy. This week's Sex Stories We Love offers up some of the more cringe-worthy stories out there...because it happen to all of us at some point.

Smells Like...

In some respects, you gotta love Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop site. Yet, there's also plenty of reasons to be very afraid of it. Remember vagina steaming and jade eggs? Well, in this new year, the Holly good celebrity's passion project just might have landed on a winner. Do you love the smell of vagina? Do you love candles? Well, the "This Smells Like My Vagina" candle is something you'll want to get on the wait list to order. That's right! These things have sold out already. At $75 each! Personally, I'm all for the scent, but I don't really know what most of the things in the blend are, I'm very curious. If you order this, please report!

Home Remedy No-No...NO

Speaking of odd places for genital really should not inject semen into your arm. Yes, you read that right. No shame to the fella who tried to cure his back woes with the help of some spunk. When you deal with chronic pain, you're likely to consider almost anything that might relieve the situation. However, this is a good reminder that doctors are well-trained in these matters. Certainly, the medical industry has failed some people significantly and there are plenty of amazing natural remedies known around the world. However, more often than not, science will help. And, at the very least, they can advice against home remedies that could cause further problems.

Pronouns Matter

Ugh, Boy George, please...shut up. As someone whose musical personality was gestating while Culture Club became an international phenomenon, I count myself among the many who were disappointed in the singer's trolling of trans folks by telling people to "leave your pronouns at the door." I'm a bit baffled that someone who rose to fame (and fell from grace by doing some shitty things to a sex worker, among other things) by presenting as genderfluid and is gay would launch such a hateful invective on Twitter. And, no, I don't think it was an attempt to embrace "attention-seeking." Maybe George is just another Morrissey.

Broken Records...Broken Beds?

Good on the organizers of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics for trying to go more green in creating their Athlete's Village. However, basket(baller) Andrew Bogut noted a potentially embarrassing problem with the beds that are being fuckery just might break them! We've long heard stories of Olympic athletes giving it 110% in the bedroom over the course of an Olympics. Organizers hand out hundreds of thousands of condoms to competitors and crew who aim for the podium long after their events have finished (and surely some who do even before they vie for sporting glory). Will the cardboard beds hold up to the pressure? Will there be a count of broken beds to rival gold medals won?

Hold on Tight!

Who knew that using a sex toy could be dangerous...for a person watching? This hilarious sex toy review, from a dude who is probably rethinking his lack of interest in cunnilingus, demonstrates just how far sex toys have come (hehe) in recent years. Much has been made of these clitoral sucking stimulators, and apparently, this guy's partner really, really enjoyed it. That said, no comedy writer could ever come up with such a well-crafted scene of carnal calamity.

Hairy Situation

Finally, I tried to grow a good beard for a few months. Didn't work, shaved it off. No way in hell I'm giving up sex for a year to make that happen.

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