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Quean Mo

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Quean Mo is a sex and relationship blogger, with a leaning towards kink, ethical sex tourism, and her cuckquean lifestyle. Her passion is creating space for people to accept their desires and find freedom through self-discovery. She is based on the Côte d’Azur with her French husband, where they’re always plotting their next adventure.


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Sexy travel is a form of tourism clearly focused on engaging in ethical pleasure activities and learning about human sexuality. Here’s how to do it right:

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While it’s easy to glamorize fetish experiences, the truth is much more complex. Find out how through self-identified cuckquean Queen Mo's trade confessions:

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Finding a third for your threesome is often compared to finding a unicorn. Make sure everyone in your circle is cared for with this guide.

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Do cuckqueans - women who get pleasure from seeing their partners with other people - really exist?

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Have a cuckquean fantasy? Here's how to go about fulfilling it!

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Can jealousy be eliminated in a cuckquean relationship? How?

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