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Lola is a co-gendered, polyamorous, bisexual, trans* switch. S/he does a lot of teaching at various locations in kink, connection, touch and breath. In this context, s/he strives to have the participants notice the content, not the teacher. As a writer in the social and sexual sciences, s/he's published in a few books and blogs, and seeks to build bridges, mend (and mind) the gaps, and bring people together. S/he's an Urban tantra Professional, and has a practice offering sex and relationship guidance and clarity in the Northeast.
Recent Articles by Lola

The Top 3 Things I've Learned About Navigating STIs as a Polyamorous Person

Wondering how to approach the topic of STIs with your partner(s)? Sometimes just opening up to a conversation like this is the hardest part.

Spirit and Flesh: Our Sexual Selves Are Spiritual Too

The mutual dance of pleasure and the sharing of physical intimacy is about much more than 'getting off;' it represents a deeper manifestation of our true inner selves. Read more about the author's journey here.

The Rules of Rough Sex

If done the wrong way, rough sex can end badly. Here are the rules for doing it right.