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Kristen Mark

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Dr. Kristen Mark is a behavioral health scientist with an academic background in psychology and public health and a research interest in sexuality and romantic relationships. She is currently an Assistant Professor and Director of the Sexual Health Promotion Lab at University of Kentucky in the Department of Kinesiology & Health Promotion within the College of Education. She is also Affiliate Faculty at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University.

Kristen is the survey director at Good In Bed. As a blogger, her work as appeared on Huffington Post, Kinsey Confidential and Psychology Today.


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Although the pull-out method (also called withdrawal method or coitus interruptus) is a method used by many, it is not nearly as effective...

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Sex is about more than the penis and certainly more than penis size. In fact, research has suggested that men care a lot more about penis...

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