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Kimberly Liu

Kimberly Liu is a freshly minted college graduate trying to make something of herself in the grand city of New York. She likes going abroad, making her own recipes and art shows. She also writes sometimes. Some of this is available on this site and at The Vintage Avocado. She hopes that more of it will one day be available at your local bookstore!



Aesthetic, discreet, velvet smooth: this is Mimi. Check out what our reviewer thought about this cute clitoral stimulator.

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Historically, aphrodisiacs were chosen for their resemblance to sexual organs, or their alluring smell and taste. Centuries later, modern science gives us cause to doubt whether these old remedies really work ... or does it?

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If you take the time to exercise, eat right and take care of your body, here's one more thing you should add to your feel-good formula: sex.

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