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Jenn Scott is a Los Angeles genius, comedian, and philosopher. She performs all over as a standup comedian and can currently be heard co-hosting the podcast TrendPony on the Unpopular Opinion Network.

Jenn is from Chicago, where she grew up in the modeling industry and went to classes at Second City as a kid. Jenn is focused on amplifying voices of minorities, screaming about censorship and equality. Jenn is also very passionate about turkey sandwiches and human rights.

Jenn has been deleted from instagram 7 times, and has no regrets.

Want to see Jenn perform in your town? Tell your local venues! She would love to go on tour. Give her money and attention. Follow her at @meatjenn everywhere. Worship her.


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Social media censorship seems to affect sex workers' content at a disproportionate rate. Jenn Scott stuck out her tongue and asked 'why?'

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