Ian Nafziger

Ian Nafziger, between games of Rocket League and writing social media posts, is an asexual journalist dealing specifically with awareness and education. He also specializes in the furry fandom and is a loud and proud Brony.
Recent Articles by Ian Nafziger

Asexuality Is a Mystery. Why?

The key to understanding asexuality, like with any orientation, is education. Knowledge is sexy. Knowledge is power!

Aromanticism: Getting Off in the 'Friend Zone'

Is the friend zone a dead end for everyone? Absolutely not. In fact, for many people, the friend zone meets a unique need and desire.

Asexuality: On the Other End of the Spectrum

Asexuality is often misunderstood, but that doesn't make it any less real for those who identify this way. Learn about what it means to be asexual here.