DMarcella Lyles

D. Marcella Lyles, MEd, is a sexuality educator, instructional designer, relationship coach and professional cuddler with a lifetime of education and experience. Her work includes helping adults engage in powerful conversations that support their understanding of sex, sexuality and the sexual self. She joined the team of Kinkly writers in December of 2018 and brings with her a deep awareness about the many ways that sex, sexuality, race and gender intermingle on many cultural, social and political levels. Her intersectionality includes being: black American, demisexual, polyamorous, kink friendly,queer and mood disorder impacted (PMDD). Along with her work at Kinkly, DMarcella Lyles maintains a space for the treatment of Skin Hunger, a private Coaching business and several Sexuality Education platforms that support Indigenous People/People of Color, LGBTQ, Ethnically Non-Monogamous and Sex Positive audiences. In her off time, she can be found enjoying Basa Nova/Latin Jazz, meditating and collecting books she never has enough time to finish reading.

Articles by DMarcella Lyles

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Ever heard the term sexual colonization? We take a look at what it means - and how it impacts our beliefs and behaviors around sex.