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Corinne Kai

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Corinne Kai is a writer and educator on all things sexual healing thru pleasure. Their work centers consent based education that is shame free, LGBTQ prioritized, healing centric, and pleasure inclusive. Kai is a sexual assault advocate and rape crisis worker at Bellevue Hospital. They are committed to centering victims-survivors in their work. You can find her published writing on sites like Allure, Teen Vogue, INTO, Tinder Swipe Life, and GO Magazine. As a certified as a sex educator, through the Institute of Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, Kai uses her Reiki 2 certification to provide a soothing space to learn about sex. Kai’s upcoming book, Beyond Yes and No: The Intimacy of Consent will be published in Spring 2020 through Lit Riot Press.


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Vaginal Mapping is about slowing down, deep breathing, and connecting with your body through exploration. Here's how this process can help survivors heal from trauma.

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Aftercare is the practice of making sure everyone involved in a sexual or kinky experience feels safe and cared for post-play. Here are five tips on navigating aftercare with your casual cuties.

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