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Christina Vanvuren

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A US Navy veteran with over 7 years of experience, Christina Vanvuren is an Atlanta-based brand strategist specializing in brand presence and community engagement events for healthcare organizations. Additionally, she is the senior publicist at an independent publisher focused on amplifying diverse, bold, kind, creative, common-sense voices working toward a brighter medical future. When she’s not doing that, you can find her writing about relationships, traveling, or in a bubble bath.


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The Satisyer Pro Penguin has a few annoying design features, but it makes up for them in orgasms. Read the full review here.

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Modern interactive sex toys have received all kinds of publicity when it comes to their ability to connect long distance partners - or interface with interactive VR porn. But they've quickly gained a following in another arena as well: web camming.

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This simple Kegel exerciser is body-safe, inexpensive and worth a try.

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