Are you a sex nerd with a healthy interest in sex? Or perhaps you have a sexy interest in health... This week's Sex Stories We Love explores the links between our health and our sex lives.

Pass the Soap

Being sexually healthy starts with a healthy attitude toward cleanliness. Even if you're having the most dirty of thoughts, there are definitely benefits to keeping your body and the items that come into contact with in tip top shape. Sexual hygiene is something we can all keep in mind. This can be as simple as washing your hands and your sex toys, but it can also extend further than that. Our bodies are easy breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and diseases. And we can spread these on to others, too. Taking simple and sexy measures, like having a warm, soapy shower with your partner can help keep your body, and your shenanigans, clean!

Cleansing Away Stigma

The term 'dirty' has long been associated with sex, in both fun and derogatory ways. Now would be a great time to do away with the negative connotations. One of the main ways is to end the use of the word 'clean' as a way to state someone is STI negative. Obviously, the opposite of clean is dirty, but in an unpleasant, non-sexy manner. Who wants to be referred to like that? Most pressing, stigma is likely to rear its head making it less likely folks are going to be willing to discuss their status. However, it is through greater discussion that we can break down the sigma and better spread sex education. STIs are just another medical condition. Hopefully, we can soon all think of them as just that.

Finding an LGBTQ+ Doctor

A great way to become more comfortable with discussing your sexual status, and sex in general, is by establishing good rapport with your doctor. They know your physical status and can help greatly with how you deal with your sex life. That is, if your physician is helpful and understanding. Unfortunately, not all doctors are very at discussing sex with their patients, particularly when the patients are part of the LGBTQ+ community. We have to remember that doctors are humans and some people still don't understand or accept queer people. And even if they don't have personal bias, the lived experience of a heterosexual doctor may still interfere with the health needs of an LGBTQ+ patient, no matter how well meaning their intentions may be. Here's hoping more medical professionals become better equipped to help all of their patients when it comes to sexual concerns.

Pump You Up!

Okay, so we've covered some ways to keep some thoughts on keeping our bodies clean and our language cleaner. There are other ways we can improve our sex lives by improving our bodies. Physical exercise, including cardiovascular improvements, can really get your heart—and other body parts—pumping. Better fitness means better fuckness! Not only will you feel better all over, but better blood flow can improve other aspects of sexual health, including lubrication and erectile function.

Pillow Talk

Of course, we all know that going to bed means two different things that may or may not happen in actual bed (depending on the circumstances). However, going to bed to sleep and going to bed to have sex can be intrinsically linked. Not getting enough sleep affects us in so many ways that it is not surprising that our sex lives will also be hindered when we aren't getting sufficient shut eye. And it is the connection between sleep and testosterone that makes getting rest so important. Many studies, and some common sense, show that more restful sleep will improve your libido. Here's the conundrum: should you turn down sex to get a better night's sleep so that you'll then have a higher sex drive? Argh!

Sex and Aging

Finally, while we've been focusing on how we need to keep our bodies healthy for better sex, it seems sex can help keep us healthy as we get older.

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