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Give Your Hand a Break – These Are the Best Male Masturbators of 2024

Published: JULY 10, 2024 | Updated: JULY 10, 2024
The best male masturbators on the market, according to sexual health experts and user reviews.

Thanks to the latest in sex tech, unlocking your pleasure as a man or a person with a penis just got a whole lot more fun. Whether you’re happily coupled up or in the groove with solo sessions, male masturbators can be the ideal companion for more satisfying orgasms and more intense play. You can count on these devices to be realistic, portable, and versatile, offering a range of settings to suit your desires.


While finding the best male masturbators for your unique tastes or requirements can be an exciting task, it does take time and research to sort through all of the options. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the playing field, offering you a list of what we consider to be the best of the best on the market, based on a variety of criteria.

No matter your shape, size, or preference, there’s a male masturbator for you!

Editor's note: Though we're using the terms "man" and "male" a lot in this article, these toys work for anyone who has a penis, regardless of gender identity or expression. The visual of using these toys on packers or strap-ons can also provide some serious gender euphoria for men without penises.


Best Male Masturbator Overall: Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero is the “choose your own adventure” of male masturbators. If you prefer things on the gentle side, opt for the white version, designed for softer sensations. But if you’re seeking a thrill, the Tenga Flip Zero features pressure pads that allow you to control the suction and pressure for a customized experience. The black version also offers firmer material and stronger internal details. Whether you opt for white or black, both feature revolutionary textured interiors that ensure maximum pleasure from start to finish. 

With its unique, accessible design that flips open like a book, the Tenga Flip Zero is innovation come to life in the palm of your hand. Plus, the easy-open design and slide-off arms make cleaning and drying this toy a breeze.

Best Budget Male Masturbator: Tenga Spinner

The Tenga Spinner was recognized with a Reddot Design Award for a reason – it really works. And it won’t break your bank in the process. This one-of-a-kind stroker delivers maximum pleasure with its “twisting” sensation that grips your shaft with each movement. And its unique coil design will have you thanking this little stroker for every orgasm.


Enjoy all six varieties, each with different intensities, diameters, and firmness levels. There’s truly something for everyone with the Tenga Spinner, even if your budget is limited. This masturbator additionally stands out for its two-for-one packaging which doubles as a storage case and drying stand for easy care. 

Take our Kinkly reviewer’s word for it. They gave this pleasure product a 5/5, stating that it's “downright amazing.” 

“The coil provides automatic twisting pleasure that virtually no other masturbation sleeve can provide, and the entire sleeve (including the texture that's specifically crafted to envelope the head during use) is extremely orgasmic,” says Mistress Kay. 


Best Automatic Male Masturbator: KIIROO KEON Penis Milking Machine

If you’re looking for the epitome of automatic play, allow us to introduce the KIIROO KEON. This is the pinnacle of penis pleasure, designed to do the work for you to the tune of 230 powerful strokes per minute. This smart toy will also sync with your favorite adult videos and VR content for a masturbatory experience that’s incredibly immersive. 

Additional features you’ll relish include: an ergonomic shape for easy handling, customizable stroke speed and length that you can change on the fly with the tactile buttons, and a range of stroker textures that make it a versatile choice for personalized play. 

“Who says you need to work when you’re masturbating?” says Mistress Kay. “Automated stroking is fucking amazing in every sense of that sentence, and [the KIIROO KEON] has quickly become a constant favorite in the bedroom - and the app gets pulled up for almost every use of the toy.”


Best Masturbator Sleeve: Arcwave Ion

If you haven’t given much thought to your Pacinian pleasure receptors lately, don’t worry – this penis sleeve has got you covered. The Arcwave Ion was made with these specialized nerve endings in mind and harnesses first-to-market air technology that will delight you in all of the right places.

Built with Smart Silence technology to ensure discreet operation, you’ll love how easy it is to control this little baby with its three user-friendly buttons. Gear up for endless pleasure thanks to the high-capacity battery, and when you’re done, it's easy to twist apart and clean. 

Best Blowjob Masturbator: Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

If you love the feeling of a warm throat around your member, this male masturbator allows you to closely replicate that experience, even without a partner. The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust advertises “oral sex on command,” and they're not lying.


With three points of tight insertion, you’ll instantly feel the same sensations as the best blowjob you’ve ever had. Whether you’re concentrating on the tip or leveraging this toy to mimic deep-throating, the adjustable suction intensity is at your command with a simple twist of the cap. As a bonus, you can enhance the realism by warming the sleeve in hot water before play. 

Best Male Masturbator for Realistic Queer Play: Gender X A Handful

The view from behind has never been sweeter than with The Handful by Gender X. This sex doll is designed to be realistic as well as orgasmic, featuring a tight, close-ended channel and a soft fleshy design. This male masturbator closely replicates doggy style with a lover, minus the lover, so you can engage in a little solo play.

If this perfectly squeezable behind isn’t enough for you, The Handful includes a complimentary vibrating penis ring to take your experience to the next level

Best Realistic Vagina Sleeve: Cloud 9 Lay Flat Stroker with Body Stocking

Enjoy sex on demand at a fraction of the cost with this lifelike pleasure toy. With its detailed design and super-soft body, this sleeve includes a ribbed tunnel and warms to your body temperature during use.

This mini sex doll is ideal for hands-free play, and will allow you to get more bang for your buck than a typical full sized sex doll. Pro tip: remove the stockings for a customizable experience. 

Best VR Masturbator: KIIROO Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker

The TITAN is a cutting-edge vibrating stroker that offers a range of online interactive benefits unlike any toy of its kind. Connect this little number to its free complimentary app and sync its vibrations with myriad VR content from online videos to erotic games to cam sites. Fully teledildonic, this toy can be synced with a partner’s device anywhere in the world, allowing you to play with a long-distance partner.

To boot, the TITAN has nine internal motors and a touch-sensitive control panel to provide your entire shaft with intense thrills, making it an endlessly versatile addition to any toy chest. 

Best Hands-Free Male Masturbator: Lovense Gush

High-tech pleasure, tailored to your needs, the Lovesense Gush boasts a circular, expandable design that will tickle your glands regardless of size. The optional band ensures a snug fit for hands-free use, while the textured interior enhances stroking with deep vibrations. Use the mobile app to create and save customized patterns, sync to playlists, or chat with partners worldwide.

Best Egg Masturbator: Tenga Egg Variety Pack

You’re in for a treat of egg-cellent proportions with the Tenga Eggs. Each one, made from super-stretchy TPE material, accommodates a wide variety of penis shapes and includes a disposable masturbation sleeve and a package of lube. Simply crack the egg, apply lube to your satisfaction, and slip on the sleeve for immediate sensations.

The variety pack comes with six different textures to relish and explore, while each thin design allows you to easily vary the pressure and intensity. Enjoy a one-and-done experience or repackage your sleeve for a later use.

According to Mistress Kay, the Tenga Eggs are perfect for travel or portable use.

“Looking for a carefully-balanced edging session? Welcome to the Tenga Egg!” they suggest. “While most male masturbation sleeves make it hard to transmit grip strength onto the penis, the Tenga Egg is built for it. You can squeeze harder - or softer - to keep yourself perfectly on the edge while still enjoying the unique sensations from these male masturbation sleeves.”

Best Fleshlight Masturbator: Flashlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Value Pack

This all-in-one kit truly provides everything you need to elevate and maintain your Fleshlight experience indefinitely. At an excellent value, you’ll get the manufacturer’s best-selling sleeve, the Pink Lady, known for its riveting texture that trains your penis to boost endurance for future intimate encounters.

But that’s not all – you’ll also receive their proprietary water-based lube, a shower mount for hands-free use, and all of the essentials to clean your fleshlight when you’re orgasmed out. With proper care, this male masturbator will remain as realistic as the day you bought it for boundless nights of rapture. 

Best Interactive Male Masturbator: Fun Factory Manta

The Fun Factory Manta transforms this brand’s renowned vibrators into something more flexible and versatile than ever before. The adaptable design integrates seamlessly into solo or partnered sex, amplifying intercourse or oral with titillating vibrations.

Hold the Manta in place on your frenulum or slide it down the shaft for a new experience. Its easy-to-grip, looped handle and bright control buttons ensure firm handling and easy adjustment of the six vibration speeds and patterns.

Travel-friendly with a lock function and a magnetic USB charger, the Manta offers up to two hours of play and is suitable for all penis sizes – flaccid OR erect!

How We Selected the Best Male Masturbators of 2024 

To discover the ultimate sex toys for men and people with penises, we started by selecting the most popular categories in the space and hand-selecting the top product in each.

Contenders were evaluated for factors like performance, technological attributes, price point, body-safe materials, type of stimulation, ratings and reviewers from Kinkly readers like you, and beyond.

Only the top-rated toys earned a spot on this list, ensuring you're getting the cream of the crop for your pleasure.

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