Published: SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
Doing an enema can sound scary AF. But if you do things right, you'll be just fine.

Ah, enemas. What better way to start your fall festivities than with some chatter about cleaning your anus? With anal play, it always seems to come down to the same egregious fear: The poop thing.


Enemas go with anal play like peanut butter and jelly. Like eating jelly on toast, anal play can be done without the enema. While this may be the case, many feel more comfortable doing butt stuff after they’ve cleaned out their butt hole - just as many people find peanut butter and jelly superior to a plain jelly sandwich.

Let’s be real. Doing an enema sounds scary AF. We get it. Shooting water up your rear doesn’t exactly sound like a trip to Chipotle (which is relevant because you should avoid corn before anal. No, seriously. It doesn’t digest).

Luckily, Kinkly has the no frills guide to enemas right here. There is nothing to fear. As long as you do the enema correctly and use the right stuff, you’ll be just fine.

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Buy the Right Enema

Popping some Correctol (because it corrects all!) before butt play might sound like a ~chill~ way to avoid “the poop thing,” but take heed.

We caution against fleet enemas or any enemas that have laxatives in them. Laxatives of any kind can be dangerous and cause cramping and dehydration. You don’t want to compromise your health when doing an enema. Keep it simple. (Well, as simple as it can get).

Go on Amazon (Yes, Amazon does supply enemas) and get a reusable enema bulb. These can be washed easily with warm soap and water or in the dishwasher after use (read the directions on cleaning as materials may vary).


You can find bulbs at your local drugstore too, but we all know it’s already hella awkward to buy tampons, let alone a thing you’re planning to put up your a-hole.

Set Up That Enema Bulb

Wash your bulb with warm water and soap before use.

Take the bulb and fill it with lukewarm water. Add one or two tablespoons of baby oil or mineral oil (your choice). The mineral oil/baby oil helps to clean you out. It is tres efficient.

Get In the Right Position

Next, assume the enema-licious position. Put your chest down on the floor and your butt up like you’re a real yogi. You'll want to look kinda like this.

It’s doable, but definitely an acrobatic pose. But, it is the créme de la creme of butt cleaning positions. Regardless of its difficulty, the chest down is imperative. You won’t get into the whole bowel if you aren’t in this position, as the bowel twists and turns like python after a big meal.

Obviously, feelings on this position aren’t all congruent, but if you’re going to do an enema, you should do it correctly. If this position is too difficult for you, try assuming a low squatting position, as you would when pooping in the woods.

Enema time!

Use one hand for balance and slip the tip of the bulb into your anus. gently press the bulb to release some of the lukewarm water. When you feel the urge to poop (this should be almost immediately), sit on that toilet and let all the water run out. Repeat this step until the water you release runs clear.

If it sounds exhausting, that’s because it is. As we said earlier, doing an enema before anal is not necessary, but if it helps you feel more confidence about your body, there is nothing wrong with that.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Since you’re flushing your anus repeatedly, dehydration can be a side effect. Be on top of it and hydrate as much as possible. Drink your full eight glasses of water (or 10, if you’re feeling ambitious) the day before and the day of your anal play.

Also, we weren’t kidding about the corn thing. Kind of wish we were, but we weren’t.

Now go forth and enjoy anal play with confidence!

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