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Ball Sex: Having a Ball With Your Balls

Published: JANUARY 8, 2024
How to go balls to the wall with ball sex. We have a feeling you know a pair who are going to like it!

You’d think after spending several million years evolving from a clutch of single-celled organisms to walking on two feet, along with a few thousand years trying to live with one another, we would have found every possible way to pleasurably insert each and every part of our bodies into another person’s.

Yet here we are in 2024, and someone claims to have found a completely new way to use, with a little bit of help from modern technology, the testicles for penetrative fun. Yup, they're calling it "ball sex," and it's a whole new experience.


Now, how, you might be wondering, can one accomplish this feat?

Enter "Balldo" ("the dlido for your balls!") and Viballdo (same deal, but with vibrations). They're sort of like a penis sleeve, but they leave most of the skin exposed. And, instead of putting your penis into it, you slip your balls in for penetrative play.

Balldo ball didlo sex toy shown as worn over the testiclesThe Balldo slips over the balls, turning them into a dildo that can be used for penetrative sex.


Behold, the Balldo!

While I’m not going to specifically explore the Balldo’s development or what using it is like - for both, please check out my review of the Balldo - I thought it would be worth talking about how it’s a (giggle) member of a long line of testicular toys, albeit with an innovative approach.

In addition to important safety tips, ways to see for yourself if ball sex will make you all hot and/or bothered … or not.


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Loving Your Balls

There’s a long and arousing list of things you can do with testicles that are oh so pleasurable. The testes are designed to produce sperm, and stimulating then during sex can actually boost ejaculatory production. In fact, some people say it's possible to ejaculate from testicular stimulation alone. Plus, the testicles are packed with sensitive nerve endings; the right kinds of touch here can be extremely pleasurable, whether the penis is involved or not.

Begin with gentle tugging. This is a pleasure demonstrated by how many people find pulling on them to be sexually pleasurable and often extra so during masturbation.

If you want to try this yourself, begin by spending quality time with yours, such as with some initial exploratory fondling to get the lay of your land. From here, you can progress to slow, steady tugs while avoiding sharp, jerky movements.

The pleasures of pulling on the balls or scrotum are also why toys like ball stretchers or other leather, latex, or steel appliances are so popular; stretching the scrotum is something many people find pleasurable and arousing.

Testicle play has another big allure. Not only can it provide additional stimulation, but with some practice - especially in conjunction with activities like prostate massage or BDSM play - it’s possible to have amazingly potent sexual experiences and perhaps orgasm (they're calling it a "ballgasm" these days) without needing to achieve or maintain an erection.

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This is what spurred the development of the Balldo, as its phallic shape allows it to be used for ball sex, penetrative sex without the wearer needing to be hard.

That and it’s a remarkably arousing ball-stretching toy with the ability to simultaneously and satisfactorily tug downwards as well as side-to-side.

While an entertaining and novel approach to testicle play, the Balldo isn’t the only ballgame; there are lots of other toys - and probably more methods to use them than there are people with balls.

If you’re confused by this overwhelming selection, take my advice and pick the most flexible, least complex, lowest stretch and lightest weight to try first. This will allow you to work your way up to what's most comfortable and pleasurable for you, without accidentally overdoing it and causing harm.

Once you have done some exploration, you can move on to chastity devices. They can be amazing fun to use.


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Safely Juggling Your Balls

As most of us with testicles can attest, fondling, caressing, sometimes tugging, twisting, stretching, or even on occasion, slapping them can be pleasurable. (The more extreme end of this is called cock-and-ball torture.)

However, as opposed to the penis itself, which those millions of years of evolution have made somewhat durable, the testicles are generally very sensitive.

So, despite me rattling off things like fondling and slapping, you should avoid excess tension, torsion, impacts, or squeezing as there’s a risk of injury, including the permanent variety.

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How to tell when you’ve crossed the line from pleasurable to an emergency room visit? Depending on the person and their pain or pleasure tolerances, lingering discomfort, unusual discharges, or swelling are often signs you’ve gone too far.

But what’s best is not to get to that point in the first place. Follow these tips to make sure everyone stays healthy and happy:


  1. Stay in constant communication with the person you’re playing with.
  2. Take it slow, easy and gentle to begin with.
  3. Listen to what your body’s telling you and communicate that to your partner.
  4. If anything goes wrong, get medical assistance immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it could be heal or recover.
  5. Afterward, pay attention to any unexpected aches or pains as well as treating your testicles kindly - like giving yourself time to recover and avoiding things like overly-tight underwear.

The Balls Are In Your Court

The Balldo clearly shows that even after all those years and years of evolving and attempting to civilize ourselves, we still have exciting sexual discoveries - like ball sex - yet to make.

While at the same time, it celebrates how there’s a long, long, long history of testicular pleasures behind it.

Which, with a measure of safety, a hefty amount of caution, and a heaping helping of body awareness, you can thoroughly enjoy for yourself–or with a playmate sporting their own pair of cojones.

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