All the Power! The Top Wand Vibrators to Try

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If you're into power, wands are where it's at.

Wand massagers. We know you love them and we know why: These big-headed, powerful vibrators stimulate way deep down, ensuring some of the biggest, best (and fastest!) orgasms you'll ever have. Even so, there are a lot of massagers on the market, so getting to know the ones that are most likely to deliver the most pleasure for you dollar is important. And, while the best massagers have a lot in common, each boasts different strengths and features. Here's a list of the absolute best massagers on the market and their features. Choose the one that suits you best. You won't regret it.

Oh, and if you're thinking this list is just for people with vulvas, you'd be wrong. Wand massagers are great for penile - and even external anal - stimulation. Many brands also come with a range of attachments, including some for prostate stimulation.

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Bodywand Aqua Massager

This one's a simple, relatively inexpensive, classic. It's quiet, waterproof and runs on three AAA batteries. It's also coated in body-safe silicone, has a flexible head and includes eight different patterns. When it comes to wand massagers, Bodywand Aqua Massager is a great value!

Doxy Massager

Reviewers almost unanimously praise this wand's deep, rumbling power. Doxy Massager plugs in and is operated by just three buttons. It's simple, folks, but it's a high-quality workhorse. If you love power, it gets the job done every time.

LELO Smart Wand Large

This sleek, luxurious wand is beautiful, powerful and oh-so-effective. Its smooth body and gently curved handle make it a pleasure to use all over the body, while its quiet motor will ensure your neighbors don't hear you doing it. The Smart Wand's eight powerful vibration modes are all you're ever need. It's even waterproof - a bit of a rarity for wand massagers - so you can enjoy it in the bath.

Le Wand Massager

This wand massager looks elegant but is also designed to be practical. It's rumbly and powerful. It has a body-safe silicone head and a flexible neck. It has 10 speeds and 20 vibration patterns. It's rechargeable and holds a charge for hours. In other words, it's carefully designed by people who thought about just about everything when it comes to pleasure. Le Wand massager even comes with a one-year warranty!

Magic Wand Original by Vibratex

We probably don't have to say much about this vibrator. Its reputation precedes it. It's been around for years and it remains a favorite for a reason: This is a very high-quality orgasm machine. Magic Wand Original just works. And, with the classic plug-in versions, you'll never, ever run out of power.

Magic Wand Rechargeable by Vibratex

It runs for hours on high and when it dies, you can still plug it in. This newer, rechargeable version of the classic Magic Wand has all the power and pleasure, with a few key updates. It's rechargeable, it's somewhat quieter, it includes a smooth silicone head and it offers four patterns. Consider it a modern upgrade of one of the most popular pleasure products on earth.


This ultra-stylish wand massager is powerful, rechargeable, waterproof and awesome. But it has a couple of other unique things going for it as well. First, its ergonomic handle looks great and makes it much easier to hold than other wands. Second, it comes with a free attachment for texture play. Its fully coated silicone body also makes it a pleasure to use and clean.

Sola Sync

Sola Sync is a rechargeable, cordless vibe with an ergonomic handle. That's good. It's made of body-safe silicone and is fully waterproof. Also good. But you know what takes this wand over the top? The remote control. Hold the vibe in place with one hand and fiddle with settings using the remote control with the other. If you've ever gotten frustrated with buttons near your crotch, you'll be all over this powerful and unique massager. And, um, guys? The warranty for this baby is five whole years!

Tantus Rumble

Tantus is known for body-safe dildos and butt plugs, but its foray into massagers was a good move. Powerful, yet lightweight, Rumble's unique design aims to make it accessible for all different body types and preferences. Its broad silicone head means less intensity than other wand vibrators, while its angled, flexible neck helps ensure that it's comfortable to hold and use. Tantus Rumble is cordless and the removable cover on its head makes cleaning a snap. The Rumble is also slightly less powerful than many of the wands on this list, which could be a real bonus for sensitive types.

Vibratex Mystic Wand

This is hardly a new toy, but when it comes to wand vibrators, it's pretty unique. It's powerful, but compact (it'll fit in a purse), it uses disposable batteries and it sits at a more reasonable price point than some of its heavy-duty cousins. It's a great option for wand-lovers who are looking for something they can whip out almost anywhere.

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