Our bodies have unlimited sexual potential. While we might not always feel sexy in our bodies, it is good to get to know yours. This week's Sex Stories We Love is all about our bodies, its pleasures, and its challenges.

Body Image Feelings

How we feel about your bodies can have a significant impact on how we enjoy sex and our sexual relationships with others. Being insecure or feeling unhappy about how you look can cause many different issues including shyness, reticence to be naked with partners or even not pursuing sexual connections. It is all-too-easy for people to say things like how beautiful you are as a whole, how you accept yourself, or more derisively, how you should just get over it. This is compounded when we don't see people like ourselves focused on in popular media. Not only do we have an expectation that we should be perfect to meet those standards, we assume others want us to look that way, too. Surely this is the case because some folks are highly influenced by the sculpted images in media...but not everyone. And isn't it nice when we meet people who share that they are turned on by us, desire us, want to have sex with us because they do find us and our bodies beautiful. These positive influences can really help individuals.

Why Do We Keep Measuring Dick?

When I first started reading this story on the number of studies into the size of penises, I'll admit, I had the same question in mind as the author: "Why are there so many studies on penis size?" Turns out, there are some legit reasons beyond the medical establishment's never-ending hard-on for all things phallic and presumed-male-centric. As with the story above, our society has conditioned people with penises to be very concerned if their cock doesn't appear to measure up. Body image concerns can definitely extend below the belt. Add in the opportunity to create and produce better condoms making these studies legit. I just hope there's as much research going into other people's bodies to help them, too.

Keeping Abortion Safe

Abortion is a controversial topic that will continue to ignite passionate arguments...particularly when the anti-abortion lobby attempts to circumvent health agencies with incomplete and inaccurate information. In the United States, the debate surrounding abortion rages and was recently stroked when a number of Republican senators wrote a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration urging the agency to "classify the abortion pill as an 'imminent hazard to the public health' that poses a 'significant threat of danger' and remove this pill from the U.S. market." This overstep is ludicrous. Pregnancy has always been dangerous. There are many reasons people have the right to choose not to be pregnant and protecting their health is paramount among them.

Take a Look!

Our bodies are really fascinating things. This bit causes this thing to move, this bend causes that sensation. Touch this spot in this certain way and oh my! Now you're feeling sensations! Despite proclamations against it, it is completely natural to want to touch and explore your body, particularly the areas that offer sexual pleasure, to get to know what you're working with. This includes taking a good look. Of course, depending what you're trying to see, you might need a little help with a mirror or camera, but checking out your body will help you learn more about what feels good, what doesn't, and how your body reacts when you or others touch it. And if you do record your body while you play, viewing it can be very fun afterwards!

Scratch to Itch

So, crabs are a still a thing. Not that this is particularly surprising, but for anyone who thought that pubic lice were somehow rendered extinct over the past 30 years of excessive genital hair removal...nope. I'll grant you, I was not aware that this sexual health nuisance had, in fact, diminished in prevalence during our make it bare years. And some folks are keen to attribute this to the popularity of Sex in the City (will that show not ever go just go away?). Yet the likelihood of ridding the world of something like lice is pretty slim. So, if you get the itch, get yourself to a doctor.

Reflective Touch

Finally, do we all harbour mime fantasies? What do you think of the "erogenous mirror?"

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