Couldn't we all use a bit more understanding right about now? This week's Sex Stories We Love explores ways we can learn and grow and know more about each other—and ourselves.

Understanding Transitions

Fundamentally, the primary point of understanding must be internal. If we don't understand ourselves, it is very challenging to help others see us. For those who have sexual and gender identities that differ from what is most commonly reflected in culture and society, coming to understand your identity can be a difficult thing. Fortunately, we are starting to understand that there is a big, glorious spectrum of sexual and gender gender identities. This is helping individuals understand themselves. However, if you do transition, that change can be new for those to whom you are close. It is a learning process for everyone. And here's hoping that we can read more stories like S.E. Fleenor's account of moving forward with their partner after coming out as non-binary. Sure, there are allusions to some difficult times (as with every relationship), but this is a love story that transcends societal expectations and affirms positive care and support.

1, 2, 4, or More?

We are fluid creatures. Unfortunately, many of the societal structures we've created are strict and rigid. At some point in history, across different cultures, monogamy became the strict, expected norm. Yet there has long been debate as to whether humans are biologically hard-wired to be with one person for a long amount of time. There are arguments back and forth about the pros and cons of both monogamy and different considerations of non-monogamy. And, I agree, at this point, it comes down to personal comfort. However, if we were to wipe the slate clean and have zero expectations about relationships, what kind of relationship model do think folks would gravitate toward?

ADHD and Sex

The past few decades have provided more and more understanding into ADHD. There are still many misconceptions around the condition. This can often lead to folks not receiving proper diagnoses. Some people go their entire lives without knowing or understanding that they have ADHD, and that there are medications, treatments, and accommodations that can help. As we continue to learn about ADHD, we're starting to see more about how it affects adults in various ways, including their sex lives. Emma Austin shares how her husband's ADHD affects their sex life (and relationship in general), and it is an excellent read to help folks understand themselves or he people they are with.

Throw a Curve

Let's talk about penises for a moment. Every person's penis is unique. I've always assumed they are similar to fingerprints: no two are even going to be alike. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are thicker some are thinner. And some penises are curved. In fact, many dicks aren't straight as an arrow. To the right, to the left, up, down—there are penises pointing every which way you can imagine! Unfortunately, penises that fall into the same general society terms that constrict many of us aren't often seen. So the first time you encounter a curved cock, you might be a bit taken aback. That's the fault of homogeneous representation. Rest assured, ain't nothing wrong down there!

Moving from Sexual Misconceptions

In general, there are so many misconceptions about sex and sexuality that continue to float out there. Okay, saying float makes some of these misconceptions seem a bit whimsical. In reality, many are not! The continued perpetuation of this lack of understanding contributes to uninformed decisions and negative life outcomes. What would curtail this lack of understanding? Better, comprehensive, relatable sex education. Helping folks by offering valid sex education that relates to their culture will help to people connect better sexual knowledge to their lives.

DIY Dungeon

Finally, lots of folks are getting into BDSM and want to explore more. When it comes to creating a safe and sexy dungeon space, do you feel constrained by a lack of knowledge? Unshackle your fears and whip your space into shape with M. Christian's excellent guide to building your own dungeon.

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