Review Standards

At Kinkly, we support everyone’s right to pleasure. Our goal is to help our readers find and enjoy more satisfying sex lives and to provide a safe space for readers to learn about sexual health, no matter their gender identity, sexuality or physical ability. It is our aim to keep all our content up-to-date, accurate and as inclusive as possible. All of our new content is reviewed or fact-checked by an expert in the field. 

Although our site is advertiser supported, we ensure all sponsored or affiliated content is clearly indicated. We do not work with just anyone. We are very careful with the advertisers and partners we work with. We ensure all our partners are sex positive, sell body-safe products and support and uphold Kinkly’s mission and values.

When it comes to reviewing products, we maintain a code of conduct - and we don’t do reviews for money!

We continuously evaluate the content on Kinkly and make sure to update our older content to maintain accuracy and ensure it still provides value. Our older content is regularly reviewed, updated and re-edited. 

If you believe you found an error or something we can improve, please let us know.